Welcome to the 24th Annual LIDS Student Conference!

The annual LIDS Student Conference is a student-organized, student-run conference that provides an opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to present their research to peers as well as to the community at large. This year, we are delighted to welcome four distinguished plenary speakers accompanying student sessions in Optimization and Algorithms, Networks, Machine Learning and Statistics, and Control Theory and Applications. Along with a panel discussion and a celebratory banquet at Samberg Conference Center, this conference is a yearly highlight.

To find out more about the Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems (LIDS), MIT's oldest lab, please visit LIDS website.

Past years: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

Plenary speakers

We are delighted to have with us as distinguished plenary speakers:

  • Maria Florina Balcan
    Associate Professor, School of Computer Science (MLD and CSD)
    Carnegie Mellon University

  • Calin Belta
    Professor and Tegan Family Distinguished Faculty Fellow
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering and Bioinformatics
    Boston University

  • Andrea Montanari
    Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Statistics
    Stanford University

  • Abhay Parekh
    Adjunct Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    University of California, Berkeley


Don't hesitate to contact the conference co-chairs regarding any conference-related questions.


We would like to thank Prof. Peter Falb for his support for the 2019 LIDS Student Conference:


  • Plenary talk videos uploaded

    The video recordings of our plenary talks are now online! Please check out the playlist. Student talks are also coming soon!

  • A successful conference

    Thank you everyone for another successful conference! We are happy to announce the Best Presentation Award winner, Xiaoyue Gong, as well as the 1st Runner-up Arthur Delarue, the 2nd Runner-up Vishrant Tripathi, and the Best Poster Award winner Omer Tanovic. We look forward to the next conference!

  • First day begins

    The conference is finally here! Make sure to check in at the registration desk outside of Room 32-141, MIT Stata Center.

  • Conference registration now closed

    The conference is happening tomorrow! The registration is now closed. If you have any questions, please email the organizers.

  • Details of panel discussion posted

    Details of the conference panel has been posted. Check out the bios of our panelists!

  • Abstracts for plenary talks and student talks posted

    The conference is quickly approaching! Check out the information about plenary talks and the abstracts for student talk sessions!

  • Conference program released

    The conference program is now released! Check out the full program of talks and events.

  • Registration for talks/posters closed

    The registration for talks/poster presentations is now closed. You can still register to attend the conference!

  • Registration is now open!

    The registration for LIDS Student Conference 2019 is now open. Please register for the conference and sign up to give a talk/present a poster!

  • The 2019 LIDS Student Conference website is now open

    The 2019 Conference website is now online! If you have any questions, please email the organizers.