Special Announcements

Spiels of the Day

As an experiment this year, we will have a 15-minute "Spiels of the Day" session at the beginning of each day. Each student speaker will be given 1 minute to give a very short "elevator pitch" of his/her talk. This will be an excellent opportunity to get an overview of the day, so make sure that you don't miss it!

Awards and Prizes

This year we will give out sweet prizes for the Best Student Presentations, selected by the votes of conference attendees. Also, all voting participants will be entered into a raffle for Audience Awards. So make sure to come to the registration on the first day of the conference and pick up a voting ballot! 

Best Student Presentation Prizes:

1st Place: Nexus 7 (one winner)

2nd Place: Amazon gift card $100 (two winners)

Audience Award Prizes:

Amazon gift card $50 (two winners)

How do I win?

For the audience: Get a voting ballot on the first day of conference, attend the talks that interest you (HINT: the spiels of the day sessions might help you with that), fill in the ballot and submit it to the registration desk before the end of the last session on Friday. The ballot consists of two parts: the top is the anonymous vote, the bottom is a place to write your name. When you submit the vote, tear the two parts apart, and submit them separately. The audience award winners will be randomly drawn and announced at the banquet.

For the student speakers: Try to give a good spiel in the morning session to recruit audience. Of course, try your best to give an excellent presentation.

Does my vote count?

Of course! Each ballot will be given the option to write your favorite three presentations, ranked in order. For the presentation receiving a vote for 1st place will be given 3 points, 2 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place. All points will be added up and determine the winner.